Saab Grintek Defence (Pty) Ltd (Saab) has reinforced its position as a leading South African defence and security company, bringing capabilities including electronic warfare systems, sensor technology, command and control, training systems, avionics, security and support solutions to the African and international markets.

With new and improved technological systems and solutions, Saab increases a country’s defence capabilities and provides innovative, effective products and services for those tasked to maintain security. Saab also works with various stakeholders in gathering data and providing insight into how security threats evolve, and what the best market-customised solutions are.

Saab is able to work with customers to create solutions that meet their needs and budgets and many of their solutions can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure, further enhancing their versatility and cost efficiency.

As the exporting of products represents almost 75% of the South African company’s total turnover, Saab was awarded the Best Exporter Award by the SA Premier Business Awards in 2013 and 2014. Hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry in partnership with Proudly South Africa and Brand South Africa, the award recognises the spirit of success, innovation and good business ethics in the economy.

Important markets beyond the country’s borders is where Saab intends to maintain and expand its successes including India, Asia Pacific and Europe. On the continent, markets of focus include Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria, while the Company’s solutions and services are at home in many nations beyond these.

Saab offers practical services to a wide range of sectors, including conservation, mining, health support services, peace-keeping, air traffic control, weather forecasting and other sectors that require sophisticated military-grade technology to deliver the best solutions for civilian safety and protection. Saab’s local aeronautics business focuses on the marketing and sales of all aeronautics products and services, programme components and support for its Gripen Fighter System, supplied to the South African Air Force.

With more than 800 employees across two campuses in Pretoria and Cape Town, the Company represents the second largest of Saab’s workforces worldwide out of the 70 countries in which it operates, with the local team researching, developing, producing, exporting, maintaining and upgrading world-standard technologies.

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Pioneer Foods Group Ltd (Pioneer Foods) is one of the largest South African producers and distributors of a range of branded food and beverage products. The Pioneer Group operates mainly across South Africa, providing wholesale, retail and informal trade customers with products of a consistently high standard.

Pioneer Foods exports to more than 60 countries across the globe. The growing international business represents 21%
of operating profit.

Pioneer Foods was established in 1997 and listed on the JSE in 2008. It has three main divisions:

The equity-accounted, joint venture investments based in South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana and Namibia include:

  • Heinz Foods SA (49.9%)
  • Bowman Ingredients South Africa (50%)
  • Bokomo Namibia (50%)
  • Bokomo Botswana (50%)
  • Food Concepts Pioneer Ltd, Nigeria (50.1%)
  • Alpen Food Company SA (50%)
  • Amigear Ventures Botswana (49%)

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Sygnia Ltd (Sygnia) is an innovative FinTech company based in South Africa and was listed on the main board of the JSE in October 2015. Sygnia provides asset management, stockbroking and administration services, as well as a wide range of savings products, to institutional and retail clients. All that Sygnia does is supported by leading-edge technology platforms.

Sygnia manages and administers assets on behalf of more than 600 domestic and international institutional clients, and more than 6 000 individual clients. The integrity of these relationships is at the core of its business. Sygnia’s principal geographic focus is South Africa, where it has been operating in its current form since November 2006.

Sygnia’s main services include asset management, transaction management, investment administration, liability administration, stockbroking and digital financial advice.

The primary institutional clients span both the private and public sectors and include retirement funds, umbrella funds, life insurers, third-party multi-managers, endowments and other special purpose funds. The primary retail clients include individual members and beneficiaries of retirement funds, as well as the wider individual savings market.


  • R181bn in assets under management and administration
  • R14bn in unit trusts since launch in 2012
  • Over 600 institutional clients (domestic and international)
  • Over 6 000 individual clients
  • Offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban
  • Over 200 employees
  • Market disruptor business strategy
  • Focus on innovation through technology
  • Most cost-effective savings products in South Africa, with fees starting at 0.35% (excluding VAT) per annum (global balanced funds range)

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